Dear colleagues, mediators, read professional and lay public,

due to a social order to expand the activities of the Slovak Institute for Mediation (SIM) and other alternative, out-of-court dispute resolution, we have decided on its tenth anniversary to decide on its reprofilisation and rebranding. From 1 May 2017, we will operate under the leadership of the Slovak Institute for Mediation and Alternative Dispute Resolution (SIMARS). The main and strongest fire chain of the new entity's assets is of course mediation

In particular our aim will be to follow up on the activities of the past decades, which we have been reporting in another location and more over we have the ambition:

• to continue in cooperation with public authorities and the non-governmental sector in the application of mediation and at the same time in its promotion among lay and professional public
• to contribute to the improvement of the education of the beginning mediators and to the professional training of registered mediators, in particular by selecting quality lecturers who have their own mediation practice and at the same time are able to reflect it by working with their own case reports and experience
• helping start-up mediators through supervision, mentoring, online consultations, by inviting them to mediate as co-editors
• to prepare mediation projects for state institutions, organizations, trade companies, non-profit sectors from different areas and segments of mediation
• cooperate with domestic and foreign media associations, institutions and organizations
• to actively use EU funds and other possibilities of financial support for mediation
• provide up-to-date and up-to-date information on media innovations in the EU and the world
• create our own database of quality and specialized mediators with the SIMARS guarantee,
to support modern trends in mediation based on the possibilities of the other amendment to our Mediation Act and to prepare a framework for modern forms of mediation (o.i. online mediation
• to publish and promote, through its own publisher, MaARS, a literature related to mediation and alternative dispute resolution, and to cooperate in editing a journal on mediation and alternative dispute resolution

So far to our plans, I believe we will fill them as successfully as the past ten years. Please keep the media and people of SIMARS happy again.

Frantisek Kutlik, co-founder of SIMARS